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Charity Golf Day 2024

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Following on from last year’s highly successful Charity Golf Day we are delighted to announce we have organised a follow up Charity Golf Day on Wednesday 19th June again at Barnham Broom Golf Club.


Last year we were totally overwhelmed with how successful and well supported the Golf Day was, by a large number of local businesses, with their generosity messages and acts of kindness and donations.

A few weeks later, after the Golf Day, Craig went on to completed his hugely emotional 250 mile Run Challenge in just one week to create awareness and raise more funds for Alzheimer’s and its devastating effects it has as his Mum was in full time care at Priory Paddocks care home in Darsham. 

A few months later Craig’s Mum lost here battle against Alzheimers and very sadly passed away.

In Craig’s own words after her passing…

“Finally together again Mum, you lost the battle against Dementia but won the war to be with Dad again. Love you both so much that words can’t describe and thank you for everything. You made me the person that I am today”

This year’s Golf Day is supporting 3 amazing Charities Alzheimer’s Research UK  The Feed and Nelson’s Journey and will see businesses come together to raise funds and awareness for these important causes with the event dedicated to Craig’s Mum.


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Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s disease remains one of the most challenging medical conditions, leading the forefront of dementia with millions affected globally. Alzheimer’s Research UK stands at the helm of pioneering work aimed at unravelling the complexities of this disease. The charity’s commitment to funding groundbreaking research into Alzheimer’s is pivotal for advancing our understanding and treatment of the condition. Contributions towards Alzheimer’s Research UK fuel progress in identifying potential preventative measures, innovative diagnostic techniques, and the development of effective treatments that could alter the course of the disease. By lending support to Alzheimer’s Research UK, we join a community dedicated to the quest for knowledge that holds the promise of transforming the future of Alzheimer’s care. This endeavour not only brings hope to those directly impacted by the disease but also underscores a collective commitment to eradicating one of the most significant health challenges of our time.

The Charity Golf Day at Barnham Broom Golf Club is not only a platform for supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK but also shines a light on two more remarkable charities making profound impacts locally: The Feed and Nelson’s Journey. 


The Feed 

The Feed, a social enterprise and charity nestled in Norwich, actively fights against homelessness and poverty. Through its innovative approach, it empowers individuals by offering them crucial employment and training opportunities within the catering industry, thereby fostering a sense of independence and confidence. The inclusion of these charities as beneficiaries of the Charity Golf Day amplifies the event’s positive ripple effect within the community, highlighting the diverse ways in which businesses and individuals can contribute to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.


Chris Elliott, Marketing Manager of The Feed.

“Norfolk has the highest rate of malnutrition in the UK according to a recent report. 1 in 16 of our residents are suffering, that’s two children in every class of 30. There are many reasons for this but it’s something The Feed is working to change. For nearly two years, we’ve been running a Social Supermarket in Norwich providing affordable groceries to people who can’t afford enough food. We give fresh fruit and vegetables away free as these are essential for a healthy diet. This, of course, needs to be funded, and money raised by Rock Solid Graphics and all taking part in the Golf Day will make a vital contribution.”


Nelson’s Journey

Nelson’s Journey, a compassionate charity based in Norfolk, dedicates itself to supporting bereaved children and young people. It provides them with the necessary guidance and support to navigate through their grief, ensuring they do not feel alone during such a vulnerable time. 


Simon Wright, Chief Executive of Nelson’s Journey, said: “This event will help us to deliver services to bereaved children and young people in the county, and we’re delighted to have been chosen as one of the supported causes. As a Norfolk charity, we rely on funds raised locally for us to provide our services, and we’re so pleased that a number of businesses have already signed up to make the event a success. Thank you to Rock Solid Graphics for choosing to support Nelson’s Journey’s work through this year’s Charity Golf Day.”


The Spirit of Community Among Local Businesses

The coming together of 18 local businesses for the Charity Golf Day epitomises the remarkable spirit of camaraderie and collective effort that thrives within our community proving that when we come together, the potential to support and uplift those in need knows no bounds.


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The 2023 winners from Goodfellow Group will be back this year to defend their title!

David Howard, Luke Wale, Ryan Howard, Ollie Palmer

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Engaging in the Charity Golf Day offers a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to play a pivotal role through hole sponsorship and the donation of prizes for our charity raffle and auction. 

There are still opportunities for individuals and companies to get involved by becoming hole sponsors or donating prizes for the charity raffle and the fabulous auction which we are delighted to welcome Danny Moloney again this year as guest auctioneer.

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Danny Moloney and Craig – Bowen-Jones after the fabulous Charity Auction.

Hole Sponsorship

Opting to sponsor a hole presents an excellent avenue for companies to demonstrate their commitment to support local communities, whilst simultaneously receiving visibility among an audience of engaged local business leaders and participants. This gesture not only signals your support for the invaluable work done by Alzheimer’s Research UK, The Feed, and Nelson’s Journey but also aligns your brand with these noble causes.

Prize Donations

Furthermore, contributing prizes for the raffle and auction is another significant way to get involved. Prizes of any size contribute to the excitement of the day and are instrumental in maximising our fundraising efforts. Whether it’s a voucher from your business, sports memorabilia, or any other item, your donation adds tremendous value to our raffle and aids in raising much-needed funds.

Your involvement directly impacts the success of our fundraising, amplifying the support for individuals affected by Alzheimer’s, facing poverty or dealing with the loss of a loved one. 

The upcoming Charity Golf Day at Barnham Broom Golf Club promises a day filled with not only competitive golf but also ample opportunities for networking, and more importantly, fundraising for three admirable causes. Attendees will engage in a spirited game of golf, where teams from local businesses will showcase their skills in a friendly yet competitive environment. The day is structured to ensure everyone, regardless of their golfing proficiency, enjoys themselves and feels an integral part of the community’s effort to support Alzheimer’s Research UK, The Feed, and Nelson’s Journey.

Craig Bowen – Jones “ It is a pleasure to support such great charities, as it raises money and awareness. It’s going to be a fabulous round of golf for these amazing charities.

No matter how small or large, every donation and every kind gesture is helping Craig reach his goal of raising money and awareness.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. Together, we can make a difference.”

For more information of hole sponsorship or to donate a prize for the Charity Golf Day contact Rock Solid Graphics & Print



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