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Rock Solid Graphics designing, manufacturing and installing HGV and lorry graphics for over 25 years.

Rock Solid Graphics - Outstanding HGV graphics and signwriting


HGV and lorry graphics. We’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing HGV and lorry graphics to the haulage sector for over two decades. With lorry and truck signwriting, there’s a lot of lovely space to work with, so there are several areas of the vehicle that we can design and brand for you including:

  • Cab graphics
  • Trailers
  • Curtain sides
  • Box vans.

Creating the right image for your business is really important and our in-house team of designers can work with you to make sure your HGV and lorry graphics reflects your business’ values. They’ll listen to what you want to achieve and work with you to make that vision a reality.

Top quality materials, Rock Solid service

If we’re supplying new curtain sides for your lorry, we use only the highest quality materials. We have a large range of colours in stock and can print in full colour if needed. We can even repair damaged curtains when we’re taking care of your graphics installation, so as well as looking better, we’ll even return your lorry in better condition!



Our purpose-built workshops in Norfolk have the very best state of the art equipment so we can install your graphics quickly and effectively. However, we’re flexible and if it’s easier for us to come to you and install graphics on-site, we can do (if the conditions are right). This means your newly branded lorries can get back on the road more quickly and you can start recouping your investment straight away!

To speak to one of the team about commercial vehicle wrapping, HGV graphics or truck branding, please contact us on 01603 262471 or email hello@rocksolidgraphics.co.uk


How long do lorry wraps last?

A good quality lorry wrap should last from three to five years. This can potentially reach up to ten years if the vehicle is very well looked after.

Can you wrap a lorry yourself?

Theoretically, you can wrap your own HGV. However, the job is naturally more complex than wrapping your own van or car – depending largely on whether it’s a part or full wrapping. You will not only need access to the necessary tools, but also to do some in-depth research to ensure you can complete the task while avoiding problems like bubbles, wrinkles and tears in the vinyl wrap.

Does wrapping a lorry devalue it?

Because lorry wrapping is temporary, there should be very little risk of your vehicle being devalued. Working with an experienced team for installation and removal will help ensure that any potential damage to underlying paintwork is minimal. In fact, a five-year-old lorry – which is well-wrapped and maintained from the start of its life – could actually increase in value (up to and over £2,000).

Do lorry wraps damage paint?

In the majority of cases, a vinyl lorry wrap will protect your vehicle from light scratches and other superficial damage that comes with driving. If your lorry has previously had repair work done, then there is a chance that removal of the wrapping can cause minor damage to the paint. However, the likelihood of this happening is usually caught during the first inspection of the lorry.

Does a lorry wrap affect insurance?

Whenever your vehicle has a significant chance to its appearance, such as with a paint job or a vinyl wrap, it’s important that you update the DVLA, your V5C and insurance provider. Your policy could be affected in a variety of ways, depending on your insurer, though it’s highly unlikely to raise your costs!

Is a lorry wrap worth it?

Compared to a full paint job, vinyl wraps and decals offer a cost-effective and long-lasting way of customising or branding your lorry.

How much does it cost to wrap your lorry?

Similar to car and van wraps, the cost of a lorry wrapping depends on how much of your vehicle will be covered (e.g. including door shuts), as well as the scope and complexity of design work. A full vinyl wrap normally starts at upward of £1,500, sometimes up to £5,000.

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