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Liquid Digestate Solutions

Here at Rock Solid Graphics we get to work with many companies in the Agricultural sector. We have recently completed this livery for Liquid Digestate Solutions.

With an increasing requirement to produce renewable energy within the UK, we are working with many Anaerobic Digestion (AD) operators to recycle the outputs from a variety of systems. These materials can be de-watered to produce two outputs; a dry and a liquid product which can be recycled to agriculture. The liquid has high available crop nutrients and can be utilised as a direct fertiliser replacement. The products are produced to PAS110 standard.

Our purpose-built workshops in Norfolk have the very best state of the art equipment so we can install your graphics quickly and effectively. However, we’re flexible and if it’s easier for us to come to you and install graphics on-site, we can do (if the conditions are right). This means your newly branded lorries can get back on the road more quickly and you can start recouping your investment straight away!

To have a chat about how we can take care of your lorry and HGV livery, please contact us on 01603 262471 or email hello@rocksolidgraphics.co.uk