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Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Rock Solid 25 years in business


As we celebrate 25 years in business, Rock Solid Graphics & Print can look back on a remarkable journey since our humble beginnings as Formula 1 Graphics back in 1998. Founded by Craig Bowen-Jones, what started out as a small family business has now become one of the most respected names in the graphics industry. In honour of our quarter century milestone, let’s take a look back at how Rock Solid Graphics & Print has grown and evolved over the past two and a half decades.


Starting back in 1998 , the business went from strength to strength, with an initial staff of just 2 people, gradually expanding over the years. With a vision for great quality, customer service and reliability, Craig built a strong reputation for his business that endures to this day. As the business grew, so did the range of services offered, from vehicle graphics, signwriting to print and marketing. Even as technology changed rapidly, Rock Solid Graphics & Print stayed ahead of the curve by investing heavily in new equipment, software and training. We have always prided ourselves on having the best equipment and staff to meet our clients’ needs.


In 2015 the company had a shock when a letter arrived from Bernie Ecclestone’s lawyers saying that we couldn’t trade as Formula 1 Graphics. Whilst this was somewhat of a shock and totally unnecessary behaviour we decided that rather than waste time and money in a court case we would invest in a makeover and transform our business into Rock Solid Graphics & Print.

Then change was a great move for us as we now better reflect the quality of products and services offered to customers. Since then we have seen further expansion, with the acquisition of the Printing.com local territory and development of new larger premises offering more space for customer consultations, creative design studios, additional printing machinery, and a vehicle fitting workshop. 

To mark our expansion we have recently launched another great brand – Cool Camper Graphics, offering customers an easy way to order a wide range of self-fit graphics designed for the camper van and motorhome market and Limitless Stickers which supplies a wide range of self-fit graphics for the home.

With increased staff numbers across all departments, customer service has become even better with more people to help with queries and orders. As part of our growth plan, we are also working on another new on-line brand, hoping to reach out to more customers.

We’d like to thank all our loyal customers who have been with us for these past 25 years and look forward to continuing to provide great products for many more years to come.

Our Core Values

  • Knowledge
  • Reliability
  • Teamwork
  • Quality
  • Problem-solving 


At Rock Solid Graphics & Print, these core values have guided us through our first 25 years and continue to do so. With an experienced team of designers, production specialists, creative thinkers and outstanding customer service, we are well-equipped to handle any challenge. From our humble beginnings as Formula 1 Graphics in 1998, we have built a team of specialists who understand the importance of today’s business needs. We strive to remain ahead of the competition by staying on top of the latest industry trends and technology. 

Our commitment to continuous improvement is just one of the many reasons our clients keep coming back to us for their printing and graphic design needs. We are extremely proud of the relationships we have built with our customers over the years and look forward to growing and improving together for many more years to come. 

We will always strive to exceed the expectations of all our valued customers. Here’s to another 25 successful years!


As we move ahead into 2023 we will continue to focus on new products and services whilst looking after our customer satisfaction, the future of Rock Solid Graphics & Print will be just as bright as the past. To support our growth and success, we plan to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and trends, from an ever-expanding portfolio of eco-friendly products and large-format printing to digital media solutions. 

We’re creating partnerships with other businesses to help promote each other’s offerings. We intend to continually invest in the latest equipment and training for our employees to provide the highest quality of service, always striving for improvement. By staying focused on innovation and excellent customer service, we hope to maintain Rock Solid’s position as an industry leader for many years to come.


Craig is no stranger to running for a cause. From the Marathon des Sables to various marathons around Europe, he has dedicated himself to raising funds and awareness for charitable organizations. This Summer from Monday 2nd July – Sunday 9th July, Craig has set out to run 250 miles around Norfolk in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK. For Craig, this cause is especially important, as his own family has been impacted by the condition. He hopes that through his efforts, he can help make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

In the coming weeks we’ll be posting more details of why it is so important to Craig that he runs for Alzheimer’s Research UK.