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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Van Graphics for Your Business

3 tips for choosing the right van graphics for your business

Rock Solid Graphics & Print is celebrating a momentous milestone – 25 years in business! Established in 1998, Rock Solid has grown from a small local graphics producer to one of the most trusted names in graphics design and production services in the UK. 

From stunning vehicle graphics to beautiful signage, outstanding exhibition graphics to eye-catching marketing materials, we have provided businesses of all sizes with high-quality solutions to help them stand out from the competition. 

As we look back over the past 25 years, it’s clear that Rock Solid has earned its reputation for excellence. 

As we move forward into 2023 we’re looking forward to helping businesses by sharing with you some tips that we have learnt along the way. 

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Van Graphics for Your Business

Van graphics are an excellent way to make your business stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large company that has been around for years, having professionally designed and installed van graphics can make all the difference.

In this post, we’ll provide you with three tips to help you choose the right van graphics for your business. With the right graphics, you can ensure that your business is seen by potential customers and create an unforgettable impression and generate sales!

1) Keep it Simple

Make your messaging on your van stand out with simple high-impact statements. Keep it short and to the point; a few carefully chosen words will make a bigger impact than lots of text. Consider using minimalistic designs that focus on shape, color and typography to draw attention to your message. You should also try to limit the use of visual elements so that you don’t create a cluttered look that won’t be eye-catching.

2) Consider Your Target Audience

The services that you provide through your marketing should be the core offerings that are the heart and soul of your business. 

Think about…

Who is most likely to use your services? 

Who do you want to engage with in order to reach a new market? 

Asking these questions can help you determine who should be targeted when designing your van graphics. This way, no matter who views your van graphics, they’ll understand what message you’re conveying and the service you provide.

3) Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Make it easy to get in touch with you and include your phone number, email, social media links and even a QR link to your website. This will make it easier for potential customers to reach out to you if they have any questions or inquiries about your products or services.

If done correctly, van graphics can be a highly effective marketing tool – so make sure you put some time and thought into them before having them designed, produced and then fitted.

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